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About DeLand Transmissions & Auto Repairs

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How DeLand Transmissions & Auto Repairs Began

DeLand Transmissions & Auto Repairs started as the result of three friends who attend the same church, worked in the same industry, and saw the need to create a place that would do it better. After years of experience in the auto industry, we have seen firsthand the industry practices that have left many searching futilely for a trustworthy shop that does not cut corners or make unnecessary repairs in order to make a dollar on unsuspecting or uninformed customers.  That’s why DeLand Transmissions & Auto Repair was formed with our customer’s best interest in mind. It is our hope that we will provide our customers a transmission repair shop built on the principles of integrity and honesty.

What You Can Expect from DeLand Transmissions

When you bring your vehicle to DeLand Transmissions, we do our best to ensure that problems are diagnosed as accurately as possible before we begin costly repairs. We do our best to ensure that you, the customer, understands the nature and urgency of the necessary repairs so that you can make informed decisions regarding your vehicle.

“But this other shop says they can do it for less!”, you might say. And you might be right.  There are always ways to do something cheaper, especially with transmission repair.  Quality of parts and the extent of a rebuild vary widely, and many other places use that to their advantage. That’s not the way we do things. It’s a choice we made. It’s why we started cutting the games out of auto repair — not the corners. It’s why we started DeLand Transmissions.

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For more information about our transmission repair service or about transmission rebuilds contact us today at 386-277-2382 or email us at delandtransmissions@gmail.com